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De Familie van Strijbosch
De Familie van Strijbosch
A Strijbos Coat of Arms supplied by Dick Strybos
If your family name is van Strijbosch, Strijbosch, van Strijbos, Strijbos or Strybos, it is very likely that your surname originated from an area in Holland originally called Strijbosch (in Handel) . If you are interested in genealogy, this site may be of interest to you.
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Based on information that I have obtained there seems to be some compelling reasons to assume that the above is possible. If this is not the case, part of the purpose of this page is to collect whatever information anyone has to correct or improve on my assumption. If you have any further information please contact Harry Strybos.

It is suggested that the name Strijbos(ch) may derive from "strijkbos, descriptive of a type of forestry growth. The name was shortened by some families to "Strijbos" around 1600 and somtimes changed to Strybos in more recent times.